Tele-Paper manufacture high-quality NETS paper roll. It has a smooth paper surface with a crisp and clear printout. It comes with core or coreless. As a manufacturer, we can also customize your paper roll to meet your branding and marketing objective. It is compatible to be used with NETS terminal machines and other credit card machines.


NETS Paper Roll Features

  • Made from thermal paper.
  • Vivid and crisp printout.
  • With a plastic core, paper core or coreless.
  • 57mm x 40mm.
  • Customizable sizes can be done.
  • Compatible with NETS terminal, and other credit card terminal machines.
  • 5 rolls per wrapped.
  • 200 rolls per box.


Established NETS Paper Roll and Credit Card Receipt Roll Manufacturer.

Tele-Paper has been manufacturing thermal paper rolls since it was founded in 1989. With over 30 years of experience and innovation, we have perfected our paper formula to match your NETS paper roll or credit card receipt needs.  As a manufacturer, we could also customize the paper roll to strengthen your brand and deliver your message. We also export our papers globally, with a presence in more than 150 countries. We rank among the largest manufacturer of thermal paper in Southeast Asia.


Do You Ship NETS Paper Rolls Globally?

Yes, Tele-Paper exports NETS paper rolls or credit card receipt rolls in more than 130 countries, such as Singapore, Thailand, Argentina, United States, Philippines, Peru, Vietnam, Jordan, Kenya, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, and more.

What is the difference between NETS Paper Roll and Credit Card Receipt?

They are the same types of a thermal paper rolls. Both can be used in either the NETS terminal machine or credit card terminal machine.

What is NETS paper roll used for?

It is used with a payment terminal machine. It prints out a receipt as an official record to acknowledge, and as proof that there is a transaction between parties.

What is NETS Paper Roll made from?

It is made from thermal paper. It consists of the base paper as a foundation. A precoat is applied at the top of the base paper to smooth the layer. Then, the thermal reactive layer is applied on top as an imaging layer. The thermal reactive layer will form an image once the paper is heated by the thermal printer.

Why should you use it? - Advantages

As its made from thermal paper, it only requires a thermal printer, instead of a dot matrix printer. A Dot-matrix printer requires a ribbon to impress the image onto the paper. As such, the ink will fade over time as the ribbon is finished. With a thermal paper roll, the image will not fade with a large amount of printing. This is because the ribbon is not needed, as the thermal layer on the paper is responsible for the image. The image is produced by the heat applied by the thermal printer printhead. So the clarity of the image is dependent on the thermal paper itself.

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