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Tele-Paper manufactures plan printing paper (also known as plotter paper), inkjet paper wide format, and tracing paper. Our paper uses premium quality paper with our own innovative formulation to meet your requirement, be it economical, standard or premium paper.

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FAQ about Plan Printing Paper / Plotter Paper

What is it made from?

Plan printing paper (also known as plotter paper) is made from a woodfree paper. It is a type of paper where the pulp was chemically treated to remove the yellow lignin into a nearly pure cellulose form. The lignin is removed because it will deteriorate the paper and turn it yellow as the paper ages.

What is it used for?

It is used for printing vector graphics of large-scale drawings of a computer-aided design or other drawing software application. The paper is typically big in size to print out a high-definition plan where accuracy is important. This includes architectural blueprints, engineering drawings, posters draft, fashion designs pattern and more.

Do you manufacture and export it globally?

Yes, we manufacture and export it worldwide with presence in more than 130 countries. We have exported to the United States, Argentina, Peru, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, and more. To buy from us, do click one of our products below.
  • Inkjet Media - Wide Format
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  • Plan Printing Paper
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  • Certificate Scroll
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  • Postal Core
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  • Tracing Paper Sheet & Roll
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