Premium Gold Grade Thermal Paper

SONO-ROLL Premium Gold Grade (Long Life) Gold range thermal papers that offer 7, 10 & 12 years image durability* and is highly resistant to environmental exposure; making it particularly stable and durable. With good print-head performance and attractive price-performance value, it is an ideal product for those who appreciate clear, durable prints and the compelling advantages of one of the best thermal paper available in the market.

Why invest in Sono-Roll Premium Grade?

  • Up to 7, 10 & 12 years image durability*
  • Data on receipts will not fade or blur easily
  • Very sharp and dark image density up to 1.6dE and above (no white spots)
  • Excellent protection against environmental factors
  • A super smooth paper surface
  • Less paper dust, hence longer printer head life
  • Excellent barcode scannability


Premium Thermal Paper Roll

Tele-Paper manufactures Sono-Roll premium thermal paper rolls. It’s thick to the touch, clear and vivid printout, with long image retention. In addition to this, the premium paper is also multi-resistant to the environment. We use high-quality paper with our own innovative above common grade thermal formulation. We’ve been manufacturing and exporting paper globally since 1989.

12 Years Multi-Resistant Gold Thermal Paper
With up to 12 years of image durability*, SONO-ROLL 12 Years Multi-Resistant Gold thermal paper represents the highest level of all-round resistance to heat, oil, alcohol, water, light, and particularly against plasticizers. 

10 Years Standard Gold Thermal Paper
With image durability up to 10 years, SONO-ROLL 10 Years Standard Gold thermal paper possesses exceptional image density for clear and sharp prints while providing average protection against environmental factors including heat, oil, alcohol, water, plasticisers and light.

The printout image does not fade out quickly as normal thermal paper even in a hot or humid environment. 

Sharp printout image and could be easily read even in low light.

Highly recommend for business that required users to keep the receipt for several years for record purposes such as taxes. 

7 Years Water Resistant Gold Thermal Paper
On top of image durability up to 7 years* and all-around protection against environmental factors, SONO-ROLL 7 Years Water Resistant Gold thermal paper provides exceptional resistance against water for outdoor applications or with constant exposure to water. SONO-ROLL 7 Years Water Resistant Gold even protects the pre-printing ink from running when coming into contact with water.

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