ATM Paper Roll

Our ATM paper roll can be customized at customers’ requests to allow for differing creative usage. Telepaper’s ATM paper roll is built with a focus on color, brightness, and durability in mind. These are especially important when customers today usually have access to various financial institutions that entails the use of ATM from various bank, a clear advantage in deploying high quality ATM paper roll will greatly enhance the confidence in the bank projects.


ATM Paper Manufacturer

Tele-Paper is a manufacturer and exporter of ATM paper globally. We use a good quality paper with an above common grade thermal formulation to create a vivid and clear printout on the receipt. We have been manufacturing and exporting paper since 1989, our paper is used in more than 130 countries. 


Automated Teller Machine (ATM) paper roll is a thermal paper manufactured to be used within the banking industry. The paper is coated with a thermal coating. The image is produced when the coating is exposed to heat by the printer inside the ATM. It has become the preferred method as it is inexpensive and the process to replace the paper is easy.

The paper rolls are used to record each transaction that takes place on the ATM. This means the reliability of the paper roll is important. As the banking industry is built on trust, our paper is expertly manufactured to be above international standards.


Our paper roll can be customized to include the bank logo and marketing messages. It is manufactured to give a vivid colour, brightness, and durability. A good quality, professional receipt will enhance the image of the bank.

Established Paper Manufacturer

We serve clients globally, whether from USA, Kenya, UAE, or other countries, our manufacturing processes are audited to the highest standards. Our products undergo various tests such as smoothness, thickness, optical density, and image quality at various temperatures. 

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