• We stock the largest range of thermal paper in various grades and thickness to cater for a wide range of end user applications such as Point Of Sale (POS) / Banking / Ticketing / Medical / Gaming / Labelling
  • Sound knowledge of thermal paper properties, technicalities and applications
  • We purchase direct from manufacturer at competitive factory prices and enjoy volume discounts
  • Neat and secure packing to ensure products such as thermal paper roll, ticket printing, medical chart paper, pos paper rolls and others arrive in good condition
  • Assurance in consistent quality (our papers have been tested and approved by major OEM manufacturers)
  • OEM manufacturing capabilities and standards
  • Fully automated machineries in a low dust environment with computerised quality control to reduce human error
  • Operational and line flexibility to respond to any upsurge in demand or urgent orders
  • Reliable supply and on time delivery
  • Multiple site deliveries on behalf of our customers to any destination worldwide, reducing their shipping costs and paperwork
  • Can ship in loose pallet as well as full container load shipment to any destination
  • Flexibility in mixed items for full container load shipment
  • Backed by an experienced team of capable managers to advice on customer’s needs
  • Prompt response to all enquiries and excellent after-sales service

Our Capabilities

We specialise in the manufacturing and printing of:

POS/ Till Paper Rolls

POS paper rolls, ATM rolls, plotter paper rolls, telex rolls, computer forms and many more.

Carbonless Paper

Receipt rolls, computer forms, pay slips, dockets, telex rolls, etc.

Medical Recording Papers & Gels

Medical chart paper, video printer paper, ultrasound gel, ECG gel, and hand sanitiser.


Queue ticket, Entrance, Entertainment ticket, Scratch Coupon and many more

Barcode Ribbon

Wax Type, Wax Resin Type and Resin Type

Baggage Tags and Boarding Pass

Baggage Tags and Boarding Pass

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