What is Medical Chart Paper Used For?

Medical chart papers include electrocardiogram (ECG) paper, cardiotocograph (CTG) paper, and electroencephalogram (EEG) paper. ECG is used to print out the electrical activity of the heart. CTG is used to print out fetal heart rate. While EEG is used to print out the electrical activity of the brain. They are used by healthcare professionals to record, analyze and document patient information. They capture detail about the patient’s condition which is necessary for diagnosis, identifying trends and prescribing treatments. With its important usage in a healthcare setting, how can medical chart paper be improved to meet and exceed the internationally accepted standard? read on.

The Importance of Dark and Vivid Printout

Dark and vivid printout is important in medical charting. It will reduce the risk of error, and make it easily readable and interpreted for diagnosis. Dark and vivid printouts are important as they reduce fading of the chart over time and make the patient’s record last longer.

Image Durability of 5 years or more

Medical chart paper record needs to be durable and manufactured to last between 5 to 25 years. Some regions have a federal law where medical records need to last at the very minimum of 2 years or more. Healthcare professionals are required legally to document information on patients. These chart records might also be used to identify trends and patterns in patients’ health over time. 

How Do They Benefit Healthcare Professionals

Both dark and vivid printouts, and long durability benefit healthcare professionals in documentation processes. Clear printouts can reduce the risk of errors during diagnosis. It also facilitates effective communication among healthcare professionals. The durability of chart paper also makes sure that patient records remain clear and readable over time. This will support continuity of care for the patient, and make sure the chart is accurate and reliable for the healthcare professionals to refer to for a long time to come.

Manufacturing Vivid and Durable Medical Chart Paper

How do we improve medical chart paper? we manufacture medical chart paper, whether it’s for EEG, CTG or ECG, with vivid printouts and durability in mind. We understand the importance of many features required for medical chart paper to make it of the highest quality for the healthcare industry. To know more please visit our product page or click here.

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