What Is Plan Printing Paper Used For?

Plan printing paper is used for printing large-scale drawings. This paper is commonly used for architectural, building plan printing, engineering, and other similar projects. It is typically larger than regular printer paper, and it must have certain qualities, such as strong toner adhesion and low moisture content, to produce consistent and high-quality output.


Plan printing is essential for the architecture and engineering industry. Large-format printing is important for efficient project planning, communicating and executing the plan. This is dependent on the quality of the paper. The paper should meet a certain standard for the project. In addition to this, a plan printed on good paper will also show professionalism and impress clients.

Below 4.5% Moisture Content

One of the important qualities a plan printing paper should have is low moisture content. It’s best to use paper with less than 4.5% moisture. This kind of paper surface stays the same even when it gets hot or damp, so you won’t run into problems with the prints being wrinkled or curled. It makes the paper surface even, so there is consistency throughout the printing process. Also, it helps the paper move smoothly through the printing machine, reducing the risk of jamming and other problems. That means you’ll get better-quality printouts.

Good Toner Adhesion

Another important quality necessary for plan printing paper is toner adhesion. This means how well the toner sticks to the paper surface. When the toner sticks to the paper, it prevents smudging and other issues that could ruin the printout and the accuracy of the plan. Plus, the printout will look professional.

How Do They Benefit The End User?

These two features on a plan printing paper can benefit architects, engineers and other end users in many ways. Firstly, it can help improve their reputation by delivering high-quality and consistent printouts. The show of professionalism can lead to a good impression on the client. Not to mention, the ease of which to execute the plan as the printout is accurate without any issues.

Secondly, it can optimize printing processes by avoiding paper and printing problems, which improves efficiency and cost savings. Overall, using plan printing paper with low moisture content and strong toner adhesion can boost business performance through improved productivity, customer satisfaction, and project quality.

Manufacturing Good Quality Plan Printing Paper

We manufacture our plan printing paper with these features in mind. With a below 4.5% moisture content and good toner adhesion, it’s suitable for end users to show professionalism in their work, or for the suppliers to provide the best plan paper option to their customers. For more info please visit our product page or click here.

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