Medical Chart Paper / ECG Paper

Medical chart paper which encompasses electrocardiogram (ECG) paper is widely used in by various healthcare service providers such as hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices, and many other facilities on various kinds of recording equipment used for medical diagnostic and laboratory analysis such as cardiotocography (CTG), electrocardiogram (ECG), electroencephalogram (EEG), etc. It is used to provide precise measurements in the form of graphical trends over a period of time. Our medical chart papers are designed to produce easy readability and accurate tracings with clearly defined inputs with image durability of up to 10 years.


Medical Chart Paper / ECG Paper features:

Tele-Paper’s premium ECG paper and other medical chart papers with its high-quality printing capabilities ensure vivid printout with razor-sharp precision. Carrying CE mark, Tele-Paper’s medical chart papers are available in assorted various grades and types to cater to different application’s needs. Our medical chart papers come in either rolled or fan-fold/Z-folded formats.

ECG Recording Paper Trusted by major instruments

Our ECG recording paper is currently recognized and sold in over 100 countries & territories globally, with commendable use by health professionals worldwide, a testament that our product conforms to industry standards and favoured for integrating perfectly with major instrument brands.


  • More than 180 paper types, compatible for use on most major machine brands
  • Premium grade thermal papers
  • Available in BPA free
  • Image durability: up to 10 years*
  • Clean die cut
  • Good ink adhesiveness (no ink residue on printhead)
  • Precise grid line spacing
  • Dark and vivid print out
  • Original / OEM paper code
  • CE certified manufacturer
  • US FDA registered
  • ISO 9001 certified manufacturer
  • SONOMED® / OEM branding
  • Accurate sensor mark
  • Accurate precision
  • Attractive, neat and secure packing
  • Straight Z-Folding with no break in pack for continuous printing
  • Hologram for brand authentication


Medical Chart Paper Manufacturing & Packing Information

Our medical chart paper is packed in low dust and hygienic environment, ensuring minimal contamination for usage in a highly sensitive environment. Our papers come in either paper rolled or fan-fold/Z-folded formats. 

Our medical chart papers are carefully packed in transparent shrink wrap for easy viewing and protecting the paper from moisture, water and dust, with a hologram s ticker affixed on the external for instant proof of identity and authenticity. Protected against environmental effects, the shrink wrap also prolongs the shelf life of our medical chart paper

A Good Recording Paper Printing Required Good Quality of ECG Gel

An electrocardiogram, also known as ECG or EKG, is a medical test conducted via the electrocardiograph machine to monitor the health condition of one’s heart and detecting any heart abnormalities by measuring the electrical activity of the heart. As the electrodes attached to the skin transmit and receive extremely minute electrical impulses that move through the heart, a high degree of accuracy is required. Acquisition of good quality ECG data is hence critical in providing accurate analysis, diagnosis and patient treatment.

Our water-based ECG gel which acts as a coupling between the electrodes and the skin has been specifically formulated to minimize interference, resistance or artifacts which affect ECG data. It also contains high conductivity properties to ensure a continuous signal flow from the skin to the ECG machine, including transmission of weak electrical signals. Non-irritant, our ECG Gel is suitable to be used with all electrocardiography equipment. For more of our ECG gel features, read on below:-

Benefit to dealer or wholesaler

There are many advantages for wholesaler or dealer when purchasing ECG Paper directly from us.

  1. Opportunity to increase sales revenue and profit: Sonomed medical chart paper is known globally due to its premium quality and reliability that inspire brand loyalty. These elements combined with competitive pricing provide you an opportunity to increase revenue.
  2. Retain customer and build customer loyalty: Our medical chart paper ensures customer satisfaction by facilitating smoothness of printing and ensuring each printout is accurate, crisp and durable.
  3. 3. Branding and enhance corporate image

Benefit to clinic or hospital

We meet the highest levels of recognized industry standards and regulatory requirements evidenced by the numerous certifications obtained so that you can rest assured of the quality of our products and be confident that standards of quality, reliability and safety are consistently achieved.

  1. Image durability: The image life of our medical chart paper can last up to 10 years under proper storage, thus preserving the legibility of the medical records.
  2. Vivid printout: When printing on our paper, you can expect a dark and vivid printout so that all the spikes and waveforms are clearly visible to render a more accurate diagnosis of the measured values to prescribe the best possible treatment for the patient.
  3. Prolonging the life of your printer: Our paper is formulated to minimise jamming and damage to your printer.

Our Certification


To enquire about our ECG paper, click contact us.

We also offer a comprehensive range of medical recording paper for use in hospitals, and other health care facilities.

FAQ About Medical Chart Paper

Is there a difference between ECG or EKG recording paper?

Electrocardiogram paper is also known as ECG or EKG paper. ECG and EKG are different abbreviations for the same test, called an electrocardiogram, a test to evaluate one’s heart condition by measuring the rhythm of the heart, with the abbreviation EKG based on the German spelling, which is elektrokardiogramm.

Where to buy ECG or EKG recording paper?

We are an ECG paper manufacturer and sell our papers to wholesalers and medical consumable suppliers. To buy from us directly, please contact us via email or Whatsapp and our dedicated staff will attend to all your queries.

Do you manufacture and ship ECG paper globally?

Yes, distance is not in any way a barrier. We export globally to more than 130 countries such as in United States, Argentina, Peru, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, and more.

What is ECG Paper made of?

Our ECG Paper is made of thermal paper which consists of 4 layers.

The base paper is made of woodpulp, covered by a primer to fill the spaces between fibers, called precoat. The backcoat reflect heat and prevent curling. The thermal coat includes leuco dyes, developers and sensitizer, responsible for the images of the graph on the paper.

How to choose the best ECG paper?

Aside from the image printout quality and image durability, you may want to consider the following factors before purchase:

Die Cutting
Clean punching of tractor feed holes is crucial in preventing paper jam when printing. This is because the tractor feed needs to hold onto the holes properly. Before purchasing, it is prudent to examine the cleanliness of the cut and ensuring there is no burr, dust and residue.

Sensor Mark
As the sensor mark is for printer’s detection, they should be evenly spaced out in length, with no dirty mark on any part of the pages.

Image Density
Medical Chart Paper is a thermal paper and should have a dark and full image density without any white patches to ensure accurate printing and readability.

The shrink wrap of our Medical Chart Paper acts as a fitted seal to protect the contents from dust, dirt or moisture, inadvertent spillages, accidental tears, or tampering so that the integrity of the product is at optimal until its usage.

Roll Packaging
In addition to our products being securely shrink-wrapped, our roll form medical chart paper is free end roll, without any sticky adhesive residue that might cause damage to the print head. Moreover, our core is solid to retain its shape to prevent improper unwinding and crumpling of paper in the paper compartment. These will ensure the paper would not jam during printing.

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