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Why Should Healthcare Professionals Protect Their Printer?

Protecting the printer has many benefits for healthcare professionals. Printers play an important role in the daily operation of diagnosing patients in order to assist healthcare professionals to prescribe the proper treatment. A malfunctioning printer or a bad quality medical chart paper can interrupt the entire process, causing unnecessary frustration, while wasting time and money. So how can all these be prevented?

What is A Sensor Mark?

A sensor mark is used to help a machine to detect the start and stop points of a particular task or process. Sensor marks can be found in a variety of applications, including printing, scanning, and conveyor systems.

In the case of medical chart paper, a sensor mark is a small, black bar that is printed on the edge of the paper. This mark can be read by a sensor component, which then signals the device to start or stop printing processes. Some printers can also detect the sensor mark and use it to align and position the paper properly to make sure the chart is accurate.

Accurate Sensor Mark Ensure Accuracy And Protect The Printer

Accurate sensor marks are crucial in medical chart paper as it serves as a guide for medical devices’ printers to align the paper and print out the patient’s chart accurately. In addition to this, it protects the printer’s lifespan. An incorrect or misplaced sensor mark can cause staggered printing processes where it would start and stop at an irregular interval, potentially causing it to malfunction.

Clean Die Cut Prevent Jamming

The clean die cut is when the holes on the paper used for tractor feed are cut cleanly and spaced appropriately. This enables the printer to hold onto the paper correctly. A clean die cut ensures that the paper fits perfectly into the printer and doesn’t jam or misfeed during use. It also prevents any paper dirt from falling into the device, maintaining an optimum printing environment.

How Do They Benefit Healthcare Professionals

Accurate sensor marks and clean die cuts on medical chart paper benefit healthcare professionals by making sure the paper is aligned accurately and feed properly into the printer. This minimizes paper jams, reduces charting errors and extends the lifespan of the printer. This saves time and money for healthcare professionals by reducing the need for expensive reprints or repairs. Also, high-quality medical chart paper makes sure that patients’ readings are accurately recorded. This could contribute to overall improved patient care and outcomes.

Manufacturing Printer Friendly Medical Chart Paper

Tele-Paper manufactured medical chart paper that takes into consideration these features needed to protect the printers. We recognize the various features necessary to create a high-quality medical chart paper that fulfils the healthcare industry’s strict standards. For more information, please visit our product page or click here.

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