We are very proud to celebrate the achievement of our Thermal Coreless Roll over the years.

From its initial launch, we have witnessed sales growth of our thermal coreless rolls which have tripled from a monthly average of about 5XFCL per month recorded in January 2019 and by October 2020, we have achieved sales estimated to be at 20xFCL per month. This data depicts the change in perception of global consumers, and inclination towards environmental conservation during recent years.

Notwithstanding our clean record for defects of our coreless rolls, we have further improved our coreless rolls by value adding it with printing of start and end mark, and with choice of different inner diameter sizes. Some customers and countries are resistant to try, but rest assured these are proven, as many of our customers who are buying coreless roll from us have evolved to be the market leader in their respective countries and markets they are selling.

Telepaper is bringing in another 3 New Coreless Machine to cope with the increasing demand of coreless rolls.

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