Cash Register Roll – Start and end mark


Importer / Wholesaler – There is no better way to advertise your business and your products than to do it on your existing receipt roll! Especially when you are a dealer and your customers are buying blank receipt rolls from you, what are some of the subtle ways you can remind your customers to reach out to you to replenish order when their stocks are running low?


That’s right! You can always opt for the start and end mark designed according to your preference. Printing information such as YOUR businesses phone number, address, or website on the start and end mark provides a simple and effective way to keep your business visible to your customers yet at a relatively low cost (or no extra cost). The start and end mark also serves as an indicator to the customer of the portion of the paper to tear off before use and when the paper is approaching the end of its roll, apart from removing the adhesive residue on the paper to prevent damage to printer’s print head. After all, the print head is indeed the most delicate, critical and expensive part of a thermal printer, which directly affects the printer’s performance and print quality.This is a proven strategy to our customers who are Importers and Wholesaler to increase sales, market share and increase profits in their business.


Watch our YouTube video “Telepaper: Paper Roll Start & End Mark” below for more information. 




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