save time with coreless paper roll

Thermal paper receipt has been the most favored / common use in the retail & POS industry. Traditionally, there is a core at the centre of the cash register roll, and the cash register roll is affixed on the central axis of the printer through the core, which helped paper feeding. However, the POS printer has evolved following advances in technology which without the axis, printers can still feed the paper smoothly, rendering the core to be of no use.

If you haven’t already gone coreless, it’s time to go coreless! Logically, the most effective way to reduce waste is to not create it in the first place. Do you know that a business using 1 pallet per week of coreless thermal rolls can expect to remove up to 2 tonnes of cores per annum from the waste stream? Be it recyclable or non-recyclable cores, just imagine the impact one business can make, let alone concerted efforts by all businesses.  Each and every one of us can make a difference towards reducing environmental footprint. Moreover, a business going green makes customers feel that it is a trustworthy business for taking the lead.

Coreless cash register rolls also have the advantage of convenience and time-saving when replacing a new roll as there is no core to dispose, thereby enhancing the casher’s productivity especially during peak hours. By removing the core and maintaining the same outer diameter for the paper roll, with this saved space, more paper can be wrapped for the roll. Longer paper length means more receipts can be printed per roll, thus creating value for money and slower reload frequency. Rest assured, even without the core to support the shape of the paper roll, Tele-Paper’s coreless rolls are solid, compact and tight tension, and not easily distorted when compressed and still able to retain its Original shape

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