Tinted Paper Roll

Realising the importance for businesses to stand out from the competition, Tele-Paper introduces Tinted / Coloured Thermal Paper to distinguish yourself and make your business stand out from your competitors.


Tinted Paper Roll

Tele-Paper manufacture tinted paper roll with colourful options to help you stand out. It’s more advantageous than using blank paper as the colour will attract the eyes and give a premium feel to the touch. Available in more than 100 colours to suit your objective.


Tinted Paper Roll Features

  • Colourful and attractive
  • More than 100 colours to choose from
  • A glossy look is also available


Benefits To End-Users

  • Able to differentiate different outlets, months, departments, territories, period (promotion/non-promotion)
  • Creates a unique identity
  • Increase awareness on promotions more effectively
  • To project a premium image and boost brand name recognition
  • Unique identification can prevent internal pilferage – stock loss
  • A form of control and monitoring system to ensure retailers and / or franchisees use approved thermal receipt rolls


Benefits To Dealers

  • Offer more choices for end users to choose – Dealers can now include Tinted / Coloured thermal paper roll as part of their product range, thus providing more options for end users to choose from
  • Opportunity to increase revenue and profit – Ideal recommendation for end-users, who do not mind paying extra for something attractive and effective in differentiating themselves from others, thus allowing dealers to sell at higher profit margins
  • Avoid losing potential end users – Better option for end-users who want exclusive and unique identity for their thermal rolls and minimize the possibility of losing sales to competitors
  • Unique Selling Proposition – Unique features allow dealers to compete more effectively through product differentiation and make end-users purchase from them rather than from competitors
  • Opportunity for repeat sales – Once the end-users are convinced and agree to use Tinted / Coloured thermal paper rolls, the chances of them to changing supplier is low due to effort and time spent in developing, checking and approving of colour
  • Contract sale – Due to MOQ, most end users are tied to a contract for a period of time


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