POS Paper 55gsm, 58gsm, 60gsm, 65gsm,70gsm

Tele-Paper is a manufacturer and exporter of POS paper. It is made from high quality, low dust, wood pulp paper with smooth base paper surface and produces sharp and clear image printout. Our POS thermal paper ranges from standard, long life, BPA free, FSC certified, synthetic, high sensitivity and high image density for use in different industries such as Banking, Entertainment, retail, Hotel, Transportation, Airlines, Gaming, and so forth. Customized sizes and packaging are available with either a choice of coreless, paper, or plastic core, with different core thickness upon request.

Paper size : 3-1/8″ x 230′, 3-1/8 x 220″, 2-1/4 x 220″ , see table below for more sizes. 


POS Thermal Paper

  • White & better paper stiffness
  • Dark & sharp image print out
  • Provides standard sensitivity
  • Competitive pricing
  • Thicker paper for a premium feel
  • Free end roll – paper end is not glued to core
  • Clean and precise end mark (customised end mark available)
Paper Roll Size Core Type
3 1/8 x 273ft  





3 1/8 x 230ft

3 1/8 x 220ft
3 1/8 x 200ft
2 1/4 x 230ft
2 1/4 x 220ft
2 1/4 x 200ft
2 1/4 x 165ft
2 1/4 x 85ft
2 1/4 x 55ft
2 1/4 x 50ft
2 1/4 x 46ft
Looking for other sizes? contact us for customization.

3 1/8” x 230′ Thermal Receipt Paper Roll – the most popular paper size in the American markets.

With the popularization of emerging technologies, businesses today need to run efficiently no matter the industry. This is where a POS or point-of-sale system comes to mind, a POS system is a combination of both hardware and software that is used to consolidate all aspects of business management. With all the benefits that it provides, a POS system too requires an accompanying partner, POS paper rolls to fulfil its crucial role.

Just like a gun that shoots bullets, a POS system will require plenty of POS paper in order to perform as intended. The beauty of such a pairing is that the POS system does not require any ink cartridges as the chemically coated POS thermal paper is able to generate images upon contact with heat generated by the printer head inside the portable POS system. The POS printing paper can then be used to record crucial transactions or inventories without fear of fading as POS paper are known to last longer than conventional ink printed paper.

To further extract the benefit of using POS paper, it is imperative that one must secure their supplies from a reliable POS paper roll manufacturer. Customers of Tele-Paper can be rest assured that they are getting the best POS paper as our POS paper is made from high quality pulp ensuring a smooth base paper surface in a low dust environment; all these translate into impeccable contrast, better stiffness, and sharp image printout.

Catering to industries ranging from banking, entertainment, hotel, transportation, airline, and many others, our wholesale POS paper is able to be customized according to sizes and packaging. We have varying core types such as paper, plastic, honeycomb, and coreless which are all available upon request.

Established POS Printing Paper Manufacturer

As your Blue Ocean partner, Tele-Paper Malaysia strives to be continuously innovative to provide a holistic solution catering to a wide range of industries on the global frontier including US, Kenya, and UAE. We also offer value added services via an experienced team of capable managers readily available for consultancy. If you have further inquiries on our POS papers or other products, please let us know and we will be glad to assist.

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