Q-Matic Thermal Ticket

To maintain an orderly process, a queuing system is required, be it at a bank, the hospital or even at the immigration counter when renewing one’s passport. Available in black and blue images, our Q-Matic thermal ticket has a high image density for clear and clean image reproduction that is more economical compared to the originally supplied rolls.



Q-Matic Ticket Manufacturer

Tele-Paper is a manufacturer and exporter of Q-Matic tickets globally. We used a good quality paper with our own thermal formulation to bring you a high-quality yet economical option. The ticket is available in black or blue images. With high image density, the printout is clear and vivid. The paper is also clean with no paper dust as we vacuum before packing. To ensure the tickets are high quality, we use a computerised quality check inspection camera to check on all the tickets we manufactured.

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Paper Characteristics


Availability Thermal Paper
Weight From 55 GSM to 60 GSM
Color of Thermal Image Available Black & Blue
Thermal Paper Characteristics
  • High image density thermal paper
  • Economic compare to original
  • 62 mm x 124 m x 40 mm (2000 Pieces)
  • 62 mm x 155 m x 40 mm (2500 Pieces)
Packing 15 Rolls/ Box



Features & Advantages


  • Solid and accurate position of black sensor mark (for curve perforation)
  • Inkjet printing on diameter of roll to indicate company name, logo, contact number, country of origin, manufacturing lot number and etc. This is a form of control and monitoring system to keep track of stock movement
Die Cut & Perforation
  • Dust removal process during manufacturing to minimize dust accumulation on print head & pro-long print head life span
  • Smooth & clean cut for die cut & perforation
Computerized QC Checking
  • Computerised QC inspection camera checking on the printing & 100% QC check on every ticket
Product Finishing
  • No jamming
  • No break in pack
  • Good tension ( will not become unravelled when holding the roll)
  • Low paper dust
  • Economical compared to original
  • Clean die cut
  • Transparent shrink wrap packing
    • easier to view the roll & core diameter
    • to protect the roll from moisture, water & dust


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