Parking Ticket

Ticket issued by the government or private companies on the public or private land such as supermarket, hotel, public area car parks etc. Car parking is either indoors (shopping malls) or outdoors (commercial areas), and both require a different set of properties for ticketing. For indoor car parks, parking tickets are machine fed and are thicker than the outdoor version.

Parking tickets need to be durable enough to withstand heat; a major cause of image fading on thermal paper. This is why our parking tickets are specially coated to resist heat and light under the hot afternoon sun; ensuring that the parking tickets remain legible.



Parking Ticket Manufacturer

Tele-Paper is a manufacturer and exporter of parking tickets globally. It’s available in thermal paper, tab board, art paper and art card. Our tickets are manufactured at 80 to 220 GSM. 

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Paper Characteristics


Material Available in thermal paper, tab board, artpaper & art card.
Thermal Paper Weight From 80 GSM to 220 GSM
Thermal Paper Options Top coat, non-top coat & polypropylene
Thermal Paper Characteristics
  • Extreme stability and durability of the print image
  • High image density with good barcode readability
  • Excellent offset and flexo printability
  • Good die-cutting performance in production (low dust)
  • Good magnetic strip adhesion, very good print on and excellent to process
  • Resistant to plasticisers
  • Heat resistant for parking in the high temperature weather
  • Water resistant for outdoor parking use (for PP thermal)
  • Paper does not absorb moisture easily (maintain stiffness and strength for outdoor use)
  • We offer OEM approved papers
Brands of Parking Equipment that Fit Thermal Papers
  • Ski Data
  • Schweers Intec
  • Siemens
  • Designa
  • Solar Di Udine
  • Amano
  • S&B
  • Federal APD
  • Zeag
  • Car Parking
  • Train Ticket
  • Show Ticket



Features & Advantages


  • Up to 9 colours printing with semi glossy effect inks
  • Serial numbering inkjet print (upon end user requirement)
  • Security features available to prevent forgery and counterfeit
Die Cut
  • Advance die cut design to remove waste, dust & dirt from the parking tickets (avoid jam during operation)
  • Smooth & clean cut at the ticket sides and edges (smooth ticket movement inside parking machine)
  • Able to develop / modify new die cut (to cater end user’s OEM requirement)
  • Dust removal process during manufacturing to minimize dust accumulation on print head & pro-long print head life span
Computerized QC Checking
  • Computerized QC inspection camera checking on the printing & 100% QC check on every ticket
Features & Advantages
  • Magnetic striped – high quality material, carefully packaged
  • Barcode and jumbo number – quality controlled to ensure barcode accuracy and trouble free tickets
  • Suitable for machine such as SKI Data, ZEAG, Federal APD, AMANO and SCHLUMBEGER
Magnetic Stripe
  • 300 oerstad (Oe) and 650 oerstad (Oe) magnetic stripe. High co and low co available
  • Magnetic stripe is on the same level with the paper (smoother ticket movement inside parking machine)
  • Minimize the risk of unreadable / rejected tickets
  • Anti-static spray is applied onto magnetic stripe to avoid dust accumulation on magnetic stripe


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