Scratch Coupon

Scratch coupon has many purposes and are mostly known for the scratch and win coupon. However, a scratch coupon is also usable for other purposes. This includes a parking ticket system, gaming, prepaid reload card, and more. Tele-Paper manufactures high-quality scratch coupons made from thermal paper. Highly attractive with the option to have up to 8 colours. It is also durable and resistant to heat, making it suitable for many types of applications. The scratch coupon also comes with our innovative security feature, the 3D barcode. It assists in preventing forgery.



Paper Characteristics


Weight Glossy / Matt artcard in 210 GSM
Artcard Characteristics
  • Good printing quality
  • Double coating (2 layers)
  • Non-curling when exposed to sunlight when exposed to heat
  • Car parking
  • Lottery game
  • Gaming
  • Prepaid reload card
  • Promotion card



Features & Advantages


  • Pre-printing up to 8 colours
  • Multiple / various choice of security features
Security Seal Packing
  • Security tapes that intended to seal top & bottom of the carton box
  • Provided the best protection of coupons against theft
  • Prevent tampering attempts during transport
  • Deterrent effect with an irreversible optical effect on first opening
  • Resealing is not possible and easily noticeable
Silver Scratch Ink
  • Heat resistant & long life span
  • Good release coating, easy to scratch off
  • Silver content very shiny / mirror gloss
  • Silver ink not easy to rub or peel off by itself, resistant to light scratches
3D Barcode for High Security
  • Easy scanning even from long distance & through car front windscreen (parking use)
  • Embossed feel when touch with finger for security
  • Barcode cannot be duplicated / high security


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