Cash Voucher

An effective marketing tool, cash vouchers represent stored value for the holder of the voucher, making forgery and counterfeiting an ever present possibility. Available in art paper and woodfree paper, security features include micro coding, mictotext / mircro print, invisible photocopy mark, UV invisible mark, 2D / 3D barcode, security water mark, scratch reactive ink, hologram and inlay coloured security paper.



Paper Characteristics


Availability Artpaper & woodfree papers
Weight From 60 GSM to 157 GSM
Special Paper Availability Inlay coloured security paper


Features & Advantages


  • Up to 9 colours printing with semi glossy effect
  • We can print sophisticated artwork
  • Running serial numbering printing (upon end user requirement)
  • Printing of security features to prevent forgery and counterfeit
Computerised QC Checking
  • Computerised QC inspection camera checking on the printing

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