Pre-Printed Receipt Thermal Roll

Today, thermal paper printing goes beyond its purpose of a receipt. It serves as an effective advertising and promotion medium for businesses. A medium to communicate products/services information and boost brand/name recognition to the public/consumers.


Pre-Printed Thermal Paper Roll

Tele-Paper manufacture pre-printed thermal roll. Options include standard thank you pre-printed receipt and welcome pre-printed receipt. They are a polite and meaningful method of communication and appreciation for customers. Made from quality paper, with our own thermal formulation to provide you with options to suit your needs. Be it economical, standard or premium paper.

We have over 30 years of experience manufacturing and exporting receipt paper rolls globally to over more than 130 countries.


Just like any other paper media, there is no limitation as to what you can
customise on your receipt. Up until 9 colours.

• Customised with different artwork
• Logo
• Advertisement
• Contact information
• promotion code
• slogan
• QR code
• Website
• return & refund policy
• etc.

To make it truly impactful, with our advanced printing technology, your
customised receipt can consist of a potpourri of colours up until 9 colours,
making your receipt eye-catching and stand out from the rest.

Promote your business

Customising your receipt is a much affordable way to promote your
business, in comparison to advertisement cost on other platforms. Businesses
can spend a sizeable fraction of money and time on advertising, yet they often
miss out the value that receipt marketing can bring for a fraction of a penny per
receipt. Moreover, there is no expiry date for whatever advertisement printed on
your customised receipt.

Send a message

Customising your receipt also offers the benefit that since only customers
receive receipts, this means that businesses can focus their messages to serve
this particular segment better, instead of targeting it to the wrong audience.
Businesses can use receipt-based messages to inform their existing customers
of any of the brand’s other activities, from promoting other products, a social
media page, consumer feedback, a mobile app and so on. Further, receipts
have the added bonus of being a marketing channel that only belongs to you
with no competition.

Small investment, big return

Lastly, implementation is easy breezy with zero cost as you’re already using
the receipts. Look no further than advertising on your paper roll receipt which could
promise big returns on a small investment. Talk to our experts today! Whatever
properties you need on a paper roll, our dedicated team is always ready to
advise and help you achieve the creation of your own receipt, designed to your
specifications. The attractive design and colour will surely catch their eyes. Time to ditch dull receipts and make your receipt start working
for your business!

Whats the difference between thermal paper roll & receipt paper?

Thermal Paper Roll and Receipt Paper Roll are the same types of paper used to print receipts. A thermal paper roll is made from thermal paper which consists of the base paper as a foundation. The base paper plays an important role in the quality of the thermal paper roll. For that reason, we use high-quality paper as a foundation. The base paper is then coated with a pre-coat to smooth out the surface of the paper for printing. It is also a stabilizer. It absorbs the activated dye mixture, preventing it from sticking to the printer’s thermal head. The thermal coat is responsible for the image to be produced on the paper by the chemical compound when exposed to heat. It includes leuco dyes, developers and sensitizers.

What is the advantage of pre-printed thermal paper roll?

1 Improving the company’s image

Personalizing your thermal paper roll/receipt with your company logo, brand name, and other related information could increase your customer remembrance of your company.  It could also generate more business to you when the customer comes back to order from you.


2 Communicating with the customers

Advertise your new products or upcoming events, announcing new and upcoming promotions or new outlets opening. A receipt can be more than just a receipt. Use it to let your customer knows about you or to show your appreciation for them.


3 Prevent pilferage

With colour printing on the paper roll, can prevent the paper from being easily stolen as most customers do not keep track of their paper roll inventory.


4 Need for authentication

More and more corporates and retailers use pre-printed receipts to reduce cases of fraud and are especially useful when it comes to the exchanging of goods and refunds.

Do you manufacture and export pre-printed thermal paper roll?

Yes, Tele-Paper has been manufacturing and exporting pre-printed thermal paper rolls globally in more than 130 countries with a presence in the United States, Argentina, Peru, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, and more. To purchase from us, do click contact us below and send us your enquiry.

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