Thermal Baggage Tags for Airlines

The scanning, tracking and routing of baggage present unique challenges to the airline luggage tags. The tags are exposed to different temperatures, humidity and scratches during these processes. Besides high image stability and durability, Tele-Paper’s high-quality tags are highly durable and resistant to all environmental conditions, support barcode scannability with excellent contrast and are suitable for use with major airline baggage tag printers.



Airline Luggage Tag Manufacturer

Tele-Paper manufacture and export airline luggage tag that follows IATA standard. Our high-quality thermal tag is durable and suitable for even a rough flight journey as it won’t easily detach. The tag also comes with security and safety features. As one of the biggest luggage tag manufacturers in Asia, we are well equipped to handle large orders.


  • Water-based Adhesive Glue
  • Excellent Barcode Scannability
  • High Image Density
  • Serial Numbering (Optional)
  • Easy to attach, durable and wont accidentally detach
  • Clean Die Cut & Perforation

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Paper Characteristics


Options 2 or 3 layers baggage tags
Weight From 142 GSM to 191 GSM
  • Extreme stability and durability of the thermal print including image
  • High dynamic sensitivity paper
  • Best barcode readability (high print contrast & sharp)
  • Available in top coated or non-top coated paper
  • Resistant to scratch (barcode)
  • Good die-cutting performance in production (low dust)
  • Tear resistant
  • Qualified and fit to use on major brands of airline baggage tag application such as IER
  • Offer OEM approved paper



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