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Bisphenol A, or BPA abbreviated, is an industrial chemical used in an extensive range of products including plastics, reusable food and beverage containers, food can linings, water bottles and etc. Owing to its stability and heat-resistant characteristics, BPA was traditionally used as a coating that gives thermal paper the unique properties that allow for safe inkless printing. Thermal paper is widely used in our everyday activities from POS receipts, car parking tickets, boarding pass, or even labels such as shipping labels, pharmaceutical labels, price tags, barcode

Recent researches and studies suggest that BPA, due to its endocrine disrupting trait, could cause adverse health effects. While the health effects of dermal absorption of BPA (through rubbing off coating onto hands and absorption into the skin) when handling thermal papers are still unclear, regulatory agencies have largely dismissed thermal paper as a major source of BPA exposure. According to a study published by Springer-Verlag, a person who handles receipt paper for ten hours per day is exposed to 71 μg of BPA on average per day. This amount is 42 times less than the tolerable daily intake (TDI) before it becomes of toxic level, which has a significant margin of safety.

In line with consumers driving the market for safe, sustainable products, manufacturers are now doing away with BPA in thermal paper and transition to safer and more environmentally-friendly compound. With our BPA free thermal rolls, BPA transfer from thermal paper and health issues associated with it would no longer be a concern!

till roll

Attractive start mark for our BPA-free standard design

bpa free thermal paper shrink wrap
New packaging – 5 rolls in one shrink wrap
thermal paper side printing

Our standard BPA-free thermal roll design with 2 sidebars

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