sonomed medical chart paper

The benefits of micro-perforation on EEG paper

sonomed medical chart paper

What is EEG Paper

EEG paper, short for electroencephalography paper, is a type of medical chart paper used to record electrical activity in the brain. It is used by neurologists and researchers, allowing them to monitor brain waves and detect abnormalities or patterns that can help diagnose various neurological conditions.

How is it used?

The paper is typically used in an EEG machine, which records the brain’s electrical signals and translates them into a chart on paper.

The benefits of micro-perforation on EEG paper

Micro-perforation is an important feature of EEG paper that streamlines healthcare professionals’ work in many ways. 


Preserving Data Accuracy: EEG tests generate valuable data that helps healthcare professionals analyze brain activity and diagnose neurological conditions. Any damage or tearing of the paper can lead to data loss or distortion. Micro-perforation makes sure that healthcare professionals can tear off the paper cleanly at the correct location without affecting the quality of the remaining papers. 


Efficiency in Patient Management: In a clinical setting, healthcare professionals often conduct multiple EEG tests in a day. The micro-perforation feature allows for quick and clean removal of printed-out papers. This enables them to transition smoothly between patients. This improves efficiency, saves valuable time and makes sure that patient care is not unnecessarily difficult due to cumbersome paper handling.


Minimizing Error and Reducing Waste: Without micro-perforation, healthcare professionals will have to use scissors or other tools to separate the paper. This manual cutting process would likely cause jagged edges or uneven tearing. This may make it necessary to throw away some papers. Micro-perforation eliminates the need for such manual work, reducing the risk of errors and minimizing paper waste.


Non-Distractive: The ease of tearing off the paper without causing distraction makes sure that patients remain focused on the procedure and undistracted. This leads to better results.

Manufacturing EEG paper with micro-perforation

Tele-Paper manufactures over 250 types of medical chart paper, including EEG papers with standard-grade micro-perforation. We understand the importance of this essential feature required to meet the rigorous standards of the healthcare industry. For further details, please refer to our product page or click here.

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