Entertainment Ticket

We offer jumbo reels for printing of entertainment tickets. Our product printed on best quality thermal paper. these tickets look more beautiful with the use of cheerful colours, interesting images and options with foil and hologram stamping. Our products are guaranteed to meet or exceed an original equipment manufacturer specification and standard.



Paper Characteristics


Paper Grades Options
  • Art paper
  • Woodfree
  • Thermal paper
Special Paper Available Inlay coloured security paper
Thermal Paper Weight From 105 GSM to 249 GSM
Thermal Paper Option Top coat or non top coat
Thermal Paper Characteristics
  • Excellent printability for Flexo WB, Flexo UV & Offset UV
  • High quality print image and best barcode readibility
  • High sensitivity
  • High stability and long durability
  • Compatible with printing security features
  • Suitable for high speed printer
  • We offer OEM approved paper
Brands of Admission Applications that Fit Thermal Paper
  • Boca
  • Zebra
  • Sato
  • Sports
  • Play and Concert
  • Movies
  • Family Events
  • Hotels, Resorts and Theme Park
  • Travel
  • Gaming



Features & Advantages


  • Up to 9 colours printing with semi glossy effect
  • We can print sophisticated artwork
  • Running serial numbering printing (upon end user requirement)
  • Printing of security features to prevent forgery and counterfeit
  • Hologram can be added to further enhance the security level
Die Cut & Perforation
  • Advance die cut design to remove waste, dust & dirt from the tickets (avoid jam during operations)
  • Smooth & clean cut at the ticket side and edge (smooth ticket movement inside parking machine)
  • Able to develop / modified new die cut (cater end user’s OEM requirement)
  • Dust removal process during manufacturing to minimize dust accumulation on print head & pre-long print head life span
Computerized QC Checking
  • Computerised QC inspection camera checking on the printing
Features & Advantages
  • Clear colour performance, long preservation
  • Apply skip printing technique, print ink bar or black mark on the product which provides orientation function


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