Betting Slip

Tele-Paper manufactures betting slips using a high-quality raw material source from Japan. The betting slips are available in either thermal paper or woodfree. The paper image could be printed in up to 9 colours. Serial numbering is also printed on as a unique identifier.



Betting Slip Manufacturer

Tele-Paper is manufacturing and exporting both thermal and woodfree betting slips globally. At 90 GSM thickness with a vivid and clear printout, our slip is suitable for horse racing, football, gambling, and other gaming purposes. Available with up to 9 colours printing, your slip could be attractive to get attention and stand out.

As one of the biggest paper manufacturers in Asia, we are equipped to handle large orders. We’ve been manufacturing and innovating on our paper since 1989, you can rest assured of the quality.

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Paper Characteristics


Paper Type Thermal


Weight 90 GSM
  • Horse racing
  • Football
  • Gambling
  • Gaming

Features & Advantages


  • Up to 9 colours printing
  • Very precise printing and cutting
  • Running serial numbering printing (upon end user requirement)
  • Pre-printing barcode (upon end user requirement)
Production Output
  • High speed and high production output
  • Fast delivery
Computerized QC Checking
  • Computerised QC inspection camera checking on the printing
  • High quality, reasonable price and fast delivery
  • Very dark and sharp image print out
  • Clear colour performance, long preservation
  • Speed and legibility of the print – customers are able to read the betting easily when processing the slip


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