Betting Slip

Tele-Paper manufactures betting slips using a high-quality raw material source from Japan. The betting slips are available in either thermal paper or woodfree. The paper image could be printed in up to 9 colours. Serial numbering is also printed on as a unique identifier.



Paper Characteristics


Paper Type Thermal


Weight 90 GSM
  • Horse racing
  • Football
  • Gambling
  • Gaming

Features & Advantages


  • Up to 9 colours printing
  • Very precise printing and cutting
  • Running serial numbering printing (upon end user requirement)
  • Pre-printing barcode (upon end user requirement)
Production Output
  • High speed and high production output
  • Fast delivery
Computerized QC Checking
  • Computerised QC inspection camera checking on the printing
  • High quality, reasonable price and fast delivery
  • Very dark and sharp image print out
  • Clear colour performance, long preservation
  • Speed and legibility of the print – customers are able to read the betting easily when processing the slip


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