Carbonless Paper Roll

  • Smooth finishes.
  • Available in White, Gold, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green and Canary Colors.
  • 2-ply Carbonless or NCR Paper Roll – White/White, White/Yellow, White/Canary
  • 3-ply – Carbonless or NCR Paper Roll – White/Pink/Yellow, White/White/White
  • Compatible to most of dots matrix printers.
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Our Carbonless Paper Roll , also called Non-Carbon Required (NCR) paper and Auto Copy Paper is designed to use in dot matrix POS and Credit Card Processing Printers. Tele-Paper offer a wide variety of sizes for Carbonless Paper and there are available copies such as 1-ply, 2-ply and 3-ply. Customized Print service is available on customer’s copy.

Besides that, our Carbonless paper provides a clear, clean and sharp image printout for all the carbonise copies. Black image also available upon request.

To ensure smooth printing process and eliminate damage to the printer print head, our Paper Roll is not glued to the core (free end roll).

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