Sonomed Ultrasound Gel

Sonomed Ultrasound gel is perfect for reducing acoustic impedance. It is a water-based gel made from filtered water that is suitable for all ultrasound apparatus. It reduced the air space for the transducer to send the sound wave and receive the reflection back for a precise and clear image.


Feature & Advantage

Sonomed Ultrasound Gel formulation maximises conductivity and reduces interference. This helps in getting a sharp and clear image for an accurate diagnosis. It is also comfortable and safe for the patient as it is water-based without salt or alcohol. 

  • Manufactured with filtered water
  • Unique water-based formula suitable for all ultrasound apparatus
  • Bacteriostatic (reduce risk of bacterial contamination)
  • Water-soluble (clean easily with water)
  • Hypoallergenic (non-irritating to the skin)
  • Excellent lubrication and glide properties (without running or drying up)
  • Greaseless, odourless and non-staining
  • Salt and alcohol-free
  • Highly acoustically conductive formulation
  • Accurate diagnoses based on sharp and vivid scans
  • Enhanced cap quality to prevent leakage
  • Convenient and recyclable packaging
  • The dispenser pack comes with a handle for easy handling

Sonomed Ultrasound Gel Size & Packaging

Size Unit / Carton
260gm 24 bottles
2.5KG 4 pouches
5KG 2 Kettles

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