OPP film

OPP film

By incorporating biomass plastic, we contribute to saving oil resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Certified as a Biomass Mark product.

Alphan G PLA 

This product is formulated with plant-derived plastic, making full use of the raw resin mixing technology and advanced film-forming technology cultivated through OPP manufacturing.

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OPP film

It is a PLA-containing OPP film by making full use of raw resin mixing technology and advanced film-forming technology. By incorporating plant-derived polylactic acid, the amount of petroleum-derived polypropylene used is reduced. Plant-derived plastic: PLA (polylactic acid) Lipropylene film. PLA content is 10%. Biomass mark product certified.


General type

20, 30μm (recommended cutting temperature is 400°C). Applications: Bag making, printing, laminating, etc.


Single-sided heat seal type

20, 30μm. Application: Pillow packaging, etc.


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