Non-fluorine oil-proof paper

Non-fluorine oil-proof paper

  • This is an environmentally friendly fluorine-free oil-resistant paper that does not use fluorine-based oil repellents.
  • It has oil resistance equivalent to fluorine-based oil-resistant paper and can be widely used for food packaging and paper that contains a lot of oil.
  • By replacing polylaminated paper, you can contribute to the elimination and reduction of plastic materials.


Non-fluorine oil-proof paper

  • The paper does not use fluorine-based oil repellents, suitable for those who are concerned about the impact on the environment and health.
  • Even if you place fried food directly on the paper, the oil will not stain.
  • Since it does not use plastic materials, replacing polylaminated paper with this paper can contribute to eliminating and reducing plastic materials.
  • Suitable for foods that contain a lot of oil, such as French fries, fried chicken, and sweets, food packaging/padding, etc.


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