Microwave Cooking Bag

Microwave Cooking Bag

The food culture is evolving to prioritize meals that are convenient, personalized, and time-saving. Particularly, there is a growing demand for microwave-friendly products. However, when traditional packages are heated in a microwave, the internal pressure can build up from the steam, increasing the risk of bursting. To avoid this, it is recommended to transfer the contents to a different container or partially open the package before heating. To address this issue and enhance consumer convenience, the Juicy Pack offers a solution with its easily heatable and cookable packaging, eliminating the hassle associated with traditional packages.


Microwave Cooking Bag

The Juicy Pack is suitable for microwave cooking with certain types of food, although there may be limitations based on the contents and capacity. The material composition of the pack is designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures, including refrigerated, frozen, and room temperature conditions. It is suitable for storing chilled foods, frozen foods, etc. The stand type of the Juicy Pack offers excellent self-standing stability, making it an effective display option in stores.


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