Medical Chart Paper / ECG Paper

High quality and reliable papers for recording of electrocardiogram (ECG) graphs and cardiac tests in hospitals, and other health care facilities.


Medical Chart Paper / ECG Tracing Paper features:

Tele-Paper’s premium medical chart papers with its high-quality printing capabilities ensure vivid printout with razor-sharp precision. Certified by ISO 13485 and approved by CE, Tele-Paper’s medical chart papers available in various grades and types to cater to different application’s needs. Our medical chart papers come in either rolled or fan-fold/Z-folded formats.
  • More than 180 paper types, compatible for use on most major machine brands
  • Premium grade thermal papers
  • Available in BPA free
  • Image durability: up to 10 years*
  • Clean die cut
  • Good ink adhesiveness (no ink residue on printhead)
  • Precise grid line spacing
  • Dark and vivid print out
  • Original / OEM paper code
  • CE approved
  • SONOMED® / OEM branding
  • Accurate sensor mark
  • Accurate precision
  • Attractive, neat and secure packing
  • Straight Z-Folding
  • Hologram for brand authentication

Packing Information

Our medical chart paper are packed in of rolls and sheets in various length and width. We have more than 180 types of paper types and compatible for ECG printers present in the market. For more information including pricing and special bulk purchase, please email us at [email protected]

As a trusted brand name with a global presence, Tele-Paper’s extensive range of medical chart papers are compatible with all major instruments including Hewlett Packard, Kenz, Marquette, Nihon Kohden, and Schiller.

* Subject to handling and storage conditions stated on specification sheets

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