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The function of a label is to provide information. The label must be readable and durable over a period of time. There is a wide array of uses for labels, in shipping, retail, pharmaceutical, chemical, and goods. Each industry has its requirements, from use that does not require any resistance to the elements, to heavy-duty requirements. In addition to its durability, it must remain clear and readable despite the elements the label is subjected to.


Tele-paper is a manufacturer and exporter of direct thermal and thermal transfer labels. We have many types to meet your specific application with various paper type to choose from. The paper options are art paper, simili paper, and available upon request are polyester, scenic yupo, and mirrorkote papers.


Direct thermal labels are a type of label designed with a heat-sensitive material coated on it. The coating reacts when exposed to the thermal print head, resulting in sharp and durable prints. It is used with printers that do not need ribbons or inks. Our direct thermal labels also comes with options of top coating for resistance against the elements. Whether you need labels for shipping, retail, healthcare, or any other industry, our direct thermal labels are perfect for a wide array of applications.

Direct Thermal Label Resistance Option

Non-Top Coat Thermal Paper with Water Resistant

This is recommended for applications where wet rub and water resistance to thermal image as well as pre-printed ink is required, but does not include resistance against environmental exposure and chemicals.

Top Coat Thermal Paper Grade with Multi-Resistant

This type of paper is suitable when surface abrasion is a concern. It has excellent resistance to heat, oil, alcohol, water, light, plasticizer and abrasion.

Top Coat Synthetic Paper Grade with Multi Resistance

This option is recommended for applications where wet rub and water resistance to thermal image, as well as pre-printed ink is required. However, it does not include resistance against environmental exposure and chemicals.

Direct Thermal Label Type


  • 1D or 2D barcode readable – Sharp and clean
  • High-sensitivity thermal coating protects the print head when high-speed printing
  • In roll, fanfold or sheet form.
  • Label size, die-cut, perforation and pre-printing can be customized.
  • Pre-printing up to 8 colours.

Direct Thermal Label Standard Pre-Printed Option

We also have blank and standard pre-printed labels that you may choose.


  • 35mm x 25mm x 25mm
  • The blank sticker comes with a perforation for each label.
  • The perforation makes the label easy to tear off linearly without damaging the neighbouring labels.
  • Suitable as a barcode label sticker.
  • Suitable as a shipping / logistic label sticker.

Sticker 2

  • 40mm x 46mm x 40mm
  • Sticker 2 comes with a preprinted design that includes sections for price, date, weight and total cost.
  • Suitable as a weighing label sticker.

Sticker 3

  • 40mm x 46mm x 40mm.
  • No perforation.
  • Suitable as a weighing label sticker.

Sticker 4

  • 40mm x 46mm x 40mm.
  • No perforation.
  • Suitable as a shipping / logistic label sticker.


If you require the application of labels where longevity and readability are a must, our thermal transfer labels are the ideal choice. These labels utilize a ribbon that transfers the ink onto the label surface, resulting in durable and readable prints. 

Thermal Transfer Label Material

Thermal transfer label is made from various types of paper. Ours is made from art paper and simili paper. However, there are other paper options available upon request.

Simili Paper

Simili paper is the most economical choice for a label material.

  • The paper surface is relatively smooth.
  • Print quality is fair.
  • Low stiffness.
  • The paper finish is matt.

Art Paper

This type of paper is the most used in the market.

  • The paper surface is smoother.
  • The print quality is good.
  • The paper stiffness is moderate.
  • The paper finish is slightly glossy.

Other Paper Material Upon Request


  • Very smooth paper surface.
  • Excellent print quality.
  • High stiffness of paper.
  • With a glossy finish.

Cenic Yupo

  • Very smooth paper surface.
  • Excellent print quality.


For customer that need the polyester option, we could also provide it upon request.


Our label is customizable to die-cut it to the size that you prefer. The property of our glassine liner is at the right density for just such a purpose. The label size is also customizable to meet the specific requirements of your printing machine. The perforation can also be added to your label for a linear, clean tearing.


Besides die-cutting, we could also preprint the label for up to 8 colours. We have the capability for you to include the preprinting design of your choice on the label. The label could be tinted entirely of a colour of your choice or a colourful logo to reflect your brand. 

Dense Paper Suitable For Die-Cutting

Our label material is dense because the liner layer of the label is glassine. It is a type of paper that undergoes through multiple hard-pressured cylinders in a process called supercalender. This changes the paper’s fibres to be facing the same direction while giving it a higher density and low water vapour absorbent property. The density of glassine paper is more than that of standard paper. The rigidness and the glassine property are what make it preferable for die-cutting. In addition to this, its low water vapour absorbent properties do not cause it to expand or contract, making it suitable for even a humid environments.

Benefit to Distributors

We strive to provide distributors with benefits to help them succeed in the market.


High-Quality Products: As a part of Oji Group Japan, we have access to and sourced suitable raw materials to produce labels that meet many end-user objectives. By offering labels that meet their specific needs, our distributors can confidently provide their customers with reliable and durable labelling solutions at a friendly cost.


Competitive Pricing: By dealing directly with a manufacturer, you’ll get a competitive manufacturer’s price. Our efficient raw material sourcing and manufacturing processes allow us to provide you with suitable, cost-effective labelling solutions without compromising on quality. This makes sure that our distributors can remain competitive in the market.


Extensive Product Range: Our diverse product range includes a wide variety of direct thermal labels and thermal transfer labels to cater to different customer needs. From different sizes and features to various top-coating options, our labels are versatile. This enables our distributors to target many types of customers with different labelling needs.


Customization Options: We understand that customers often have unique labelling needs. Therefore, we offer customization options to our distributors, allowing them to provide customized labels to their clients. Whether it’s specific label sizes, pre-printing, or features, we have the machines to do it.


Reliable Delivery: As an exporter, we know how important it is to maintain a reliable supply chain. Ensuring smooth operations for our distributors is necessary. We have two large factories with many printing machines. These facilitate inventory management and maintain adequate stock to meet the demands of our distributors quickly. Our commitment to timely deliveries and consistent label availability helps our distributors win and maintain customer satisfaction.

Manufacturing and Exporting Direct Thermal Label and Thermal Transfer Label Globally


We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service, with labels that match their needs. Our team ensures prompt delivery and reliable support, guaranteeing that your labelling needs are met. Choose our direct thermal labels and thermal transfer labels for exceptional quality, versatility, and performance. 

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