• Seeing your baby for the first time is an exciting experience for all parents!
  • Forty weeks until your baby arrives can feel like a lifetime to wait. An ultrasound scan, also known as sonogram, is the perfect solution to get a sneak peek of your         little one, and view and hear its heartbeat, all captured in real-time. Such valuable moments!
  • Depending on when the ultrasound is done and your baby’s position, you may be able to see your baby’s hands, legs and other body parts, perhaps even the gender!
An ultrasound isn’t just a photoshoot but an essential diagnostic tool to assess and monitor the baby’s health and development. Thus, it is crucial to ensure the ultrasound paper is of good quality!

At Tele-Paper, the printed images of our video printer paper are very close to the Original grade and precise tonal of printed images that it would be difficult for you to differentiate our paper!

CE and ISO 13485 certified along with US FDA registered, our video printer papers are available in three (3) different grades, namely, Standard(S) (Type I), High Density (HD) (Type II) and High Glossy (HG) (Type V). Using YUPO synthetic-based paper, our video printer papers are of excellent quality, high resolution with optimum grayscale, 7-10 years image durability, but at competitive pricing! Our ultrasound paper is compatible for use on Sony and Mitsubishi printers.

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1) Accurate grayscale reproduction to achieve the correct tonal range of the printed image.
Sonomed and Premium Grade have same gradation.
Both matched grayscale characteristics give the best image quality.
2) Smooth head matching performance for continuous printing, no additional setting​ required for printer.
3) Minimal curling for easy filing with excellent tearing properties for clean and neat tearing.
Sonomed vs Other brand
Strong resistance to water, finger prints and ultrasound gel drop
Sonomed’s range of video printer papers delivers smudge-free, high-quality image print out for prolonged storage stability, with High Glossy producing the crispiest resolution with attractive glossy finishing.
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