Security Features

Security Features
Counterfeiting & Forgery Prevention

Even in today’s hi-tech digital age, forgery continues to proliferate and cause untold losses to organisations; big and small alike. Counterfeiters are constantly finding new ways of escaping detection, making it an uphill challenge to keep those with criminal intent from being caught. Which is why over the years we have developed unique solutions to make counterfeiting more difficult. Increasingly complex printing is being used on paper and documents. Our technology is unique unlike any other; more importantly, it works against forgers.

Why Security Measures

Which security application is suitable for you?

1 Micro Coding

3 Invisible Photocopy Mark

5 2D 3D Barcode

7 Scratch Reactive

2 Microtext Microprint

4 UV Invisible Mark

6 Hologram

9 Security Water Mark

Security Method

Each security method has a unique characteristic that can be identified by a variety of ways ranging from sight or touch, to the use of a simple checking device or high tech equipment. The strongest protection against forgery is achieved by using a combination of the following methods:

Applied On Paper
1 Micro Coding_

Applied Inside Paper
6 Hologram_
7 Scratch Reactive_

The appropriate security measure(s) depends on the end user’s application.

Paper Type Suitable for Each Security Feature
Micro Coding
Microtext / Microprint
UV Invisible Mark
2D / 3D Barcode
Hologram / Foil
Scratch Reactive Ink

(uncoated side)

Security Watermark












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