Cash Register Paper Roll 80×80 mm

  • White & better paper stiffness
  • Dark & sharp image print out
  • Provides standard sensitivity
  • Competitive pricing
  • Thicker paper for a premium feel
  • Free end roll – paper end is not glued to core
  • Clean and precise end mark (customised end mark available)
  • Size 3 1/8x230ft, 3 1/8x220ft


Cash Register Thermal Paper Roll (80x80mm, 57x60mm and More)

Our Standard Grade Thermal Paper / Cash Register Receipt Paper is made from the highest quality that is able to deliver clear printout images with sufficient thickness for premium feel. Huge range of sizes are available with 80mm x 60mm, 80mm x 70mm, 80mm x 80mm, 57mm x 60mm and 57mm x 40mm options, offering universal compatibility to all printers. Each carton has 100 rolls and every 10 rolls are wrapped in a transparent film to protect the paper from damages.

To extend your printer life, our cash register roll is manufactured as free end roll without folding, glue or tape whereby such external elements might damage your printer during its printing sessions.

Established Thermal Roll Manufacturer

As your Blue Ocean partner, Tele-Paper Malaysia strives to be continuously innovative to provide a holistic solution catering to a wide range of industries on the global frontier including US, Kenya, and UAE. We also offer value added services via an experienced team of capable managers readily available for consultancy. If you have further inquiries on our thermal rolls or other products, please let us know and we will be glad to assist.

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