Akira Computer Paper

  • Clean cut side hole, no jamming
  • Good image carbonless paper up to 7 ply
  • Minimum 0.5dE optical density on 2nd ply onwards
  • Water resistant and no wax layer needed
  • Pre-printing up to 9 colours, with the option of semi glossy effect ink
  • Computerised printing of serial numbering and barcode with QC checking (300dpi up to 600dpi)
  • Die-cut with different coloured ply
  • Dust / dirt removal system for cleaner printer and office environment


Akira Computer Form/ A4 Continuous Paper

Tele-Paper is a manufacturer and exporter of Akira Computer Form. Designed for bulk use, our carbonless computer paper is built for industrial use while providing high-quality information retention of up to 7 ply. Comes in standard A4 size, our Akira computer paper is continuously perforated at regular intervals so that the sheets can be easily separated. Processed in an environment with a dust removal system and clean-cut side holes, Akira promises no jamming so that operations can be maintained smoothly.

Computer continuous papers are usually used under operations requiring extra copies detailing crucial information that is distributed to various parties. In the case of a consignment note, it will be used to provide detailed information such as the consigner, the consignee, the weight and the apparent condition of the goods, and extra details if any. The same paper is then shipped with the goods, completing the chain only when the recipient puts his signature on the note, making the paper key evidence in the case of discrepancies.

Quality A4 Continuos Paper

As a leading computer paper supplier & manufacturer, we take the reliability of our products seriously. Our Akira computer paper is able to maintain a minimum 0.5dE optical density on the 2nd ply onwards, indicating minimal information loss on every copy that is removed in the process. It is also water resistant and requires no wax layer for optimal usage in printing barcode. Our clients are also given the option of selecting 600 dpi computer papers to cater for their individual needs; when extra attention to details is required like in the case of copies made for further scanning or duplication. To further stimulate individualism and ease of categorization, our Akira computer paper comes in pre-printing options available with up to 9 colours including the option of semi glossy effect ink.

Reliable Computer Paper Supplier & Manufacturer

In order to further demonstrate our commitment to product quality, we employ the use of computerised QC scanning during production to ensure that every printed barcodes can be scanned accurately on each and every ply in order to meet stringent requirements that even our prominent clients from USA, Kenya, and UAE are satisfied with. If you have further inquiries on our computer paper or other products, please let us know and we will be glad to assist.

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Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
At least o.5dE density print image on the 2nd ply onwards Better imaging results for scanning copy for 2nd ply onwards, especially variable data such as names and addresses
Printed barcode is water resistant even without applying a layer of wax on the barcode Printed barcode will not smear even when it comes in contact with water. It will not affect the scanning of the barcodes on every copy and the imaging of the Manifest on POD copy due to reflection
Standard barcode printing will be 300 dpi. However, our customers have the option to select 600 dpi barcode The higher the dpi, the better the scanability. Higher resolution will produce better results. Others offer only 300 dpi.
Every ply of the consignment note is processed with dust removal system. Side hole punch is also fully removed Cleaner office environment / cleaner printers.
Less printer jam — smooth running during printing
Glued area can be in variable size / customisation is available (super glue) The glued area can be adjusted to be smaller to save costs and bigger for a larger glued area.
Super glue, is used to ensure that the consignment notes are not easily peeled off once posted (will not cause lost consignment notes)
Option for semi-glossy ink A more lively, vibrant, outstanding, and more presentable consignment note
Computerised QC scanning check during production to ensure scanability and accuracy This is to ensure that every printed barcode on the consignment notes are able to be scanned and the correct consignment notes with the correct consignment notes with the correct barcode are collated accurately on each and every ply

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