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ultrasound paper comparison Sonomed vs Compatibles

What is an ultrasound printout for?

An ultrasound printout is important for medical professionals because it provides a visual representation of the internal structure of the body. The printout helps in the diagnosis and monitoring of medical conditions by providing images of organs, tissues, and measurements of various anatomical features. Medical professionals also keep the printout as a record to track changes or for future comparison.


To understand why accuracy is important in ultrasound printouts, it’s helpful to know what they are used for. The tonal variation on the printouts represents the body’s internal structure. More shades of grey mean greater detail can be captured in the printout, which is important for diagnosis.

What do the shades of grey represent?

They represent the internal structures of the body.

  • Black represents fluid
  • White represents bone
  • Shades of grey represent the density of the tissue. The closer to white the denser it is.


A greater tonal variation on ultrasound paper allows for more accurate identification and diagnosis. Look at the comparison of different types of compatible ultrasound paper above. Compatible B with 10 and compatible A with 12 shades of grey will miss out on important details such as the tissue density. A dense tissue might be mistaken for a bone.


For more information on how to read an ultrasound image click this link.

Manufacturing an accurate ultrasound paper

ultrasound printing paper

We design our paper to achieve the highest shades of grey possible, which is 15. This is only possible with high-quality paper in combination with an above-common-grade thermal coating material. Besides achieving the shades, the durability of the ultrasound paper is also taken into consideration. From the needs of linear tearing from the printer to its durability against water and gel drop. Visit our product page for more info or click here.


For our guide on how to choose the best ultrasound paper, with testing on the greyscale and wet fold, click here. In it, we went into details from the type, sizes, shades of grey and their durability. We compare our ultrasound paper with other compatible ranges found in the market.


Having more shades on ultrasound paper is important for accurate diagnosis. This is because it provides a greater range of tonal variation, allowing medical professionals to identify and diagnose more accurately. Therefore, it is an important feature to have for medical professionals who rely on accurate and detailed printouts.

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