Video Printer Paper

Video Printer Paper

Telepaper supply wide range of high resolution video printer paper at affordable price rate.

Our video printer paper are compatible to use on both Sony and Mitsubishi printers. Order quality video printer paper from Telepaper.

Video printer papers are increasingly used to obtain hard copies of procedures such as ultrasound, radiology, endoscopy and nuclear medicine.

Tele-Paper supplies good quality video printer papers where printed images are compatible to the original grade papers.

Certified by ISO 9001 & 13485 and approved by CE, Tele-Paper’s video printer paper available in Standard, High Glossy and High Density versions to obtain the highest resolution images.

  • Available in various paper thickness
  • Print out close to original copy
  • Standard Grade — High resolution with optimum grayscale
  • High density grade –- Dark and intense image printout
  • High glossy grade – Distinctive brand identity and protection against counterfeit products, scratch resistant and water resistant
  • Good image durability – up to 10 years
  • Brand customization available upon request


AC84-S UPD711MD/AC 84mm x 13.5m 100 ROLLS
AC84-HG 84mm x 12.5m 100 ROLLS
AC110-S UP-895, UP-897MD,UPD898MD, UPX898MD 110mm x 20m 50 ROLLS
AC110-HD 110mm x 20m 50 ROLLS
AC110-HG 110mm x 18m 50 ROLLS
AC210-S UP971AD, UP991AD 210mm x 25m 5 ROLLS
AC210-HD 210mm x 25m 5 ROLLS
AC210-HG 210mm x 25m 5 ROLLS