Ultrasound Paper / Video Printer Paper

Quality Ultrasound Paper for ultrasound printer. Made from Japan origin materials, our video printer paper / ultrasound paper delivers excellent print resolutions and image durability. The printed images of our video printer paper are very close to the Original grade and precise tonal of printed images that it would be difficult for you to differentiate our paper!


Ultrasound Paper / Video Printing Paper

Tele-Paper manufactures quality ultrasound paper that is above compatible grade. We used Japan-origin paper with an above common grade mixture of a thermal coating matrix. In comparison to other middle-range papers, ours has higher shades of grey with a smooth gradient. This means a more accurate diagnosis for different matters and densities, which is crucial for healthcare professionals. 

Our paper is the preferred option by healthcare professionals due to its consistency in quality and diagnosis. Also for its long image life whether for further diagnosis or to give to parents as a keepsake.

ultrasound paper comparison Sonomed vs Compatibles

Sonomed ultrasound paper is above all compatible grades.

Smooth greyscale gradation.

15 shades of grey compared to 12 and 10.

More shades mean a more realistic image for a more accurate diagnosis by healthcare professionals.

Water, smudge, and gel drop resistance.

7 to 10 years image life compared to 3 years.

Straight and clean when tearing from the printer.

Prevent damage to your printer.


  • Standard (Type I), High Density (Type II) and High Glossy (Type V).
  • Available in widths 84mm, 110mm, 210mm
  • 5 rolls or 10 rolls per box
  • 100% Japan Paper Material
  • Minimal curling and excellent tearing properties
  • High resolution with optimum grayscale.
  • Good image durability up to 10 years under proper storage.
  • Compatible for use on Sony and Mitsubishi Ultrasound Printers*
  • CE certified and FDA registered in assuring customer of consistency in quality
  • Brand customization is available.

Ultrasound Paper Size and Packaging

Sonomed® Code (Paper Size) SONY MITSUBISHI Packing
SM110S (110mm x 20m) Standard Density B/W Image UPP-110S KP-61B 5/10 Rolls
SM110HD (110mm x 20m) High Density B/W Image UPP-110HD KP-65H 5/10 Rolls
SM110HG (110mm x 18m) High Glossy B/W Image UPP-110HG KP-91GH 5/10 Rolls
SM210HD (210mm x 20m) Standard Density B/W Image UPP-210HD 5 Rolls
SM210HG (210mm x 20m) High Density B/W Image UPP-210HG 5 Rolls
SM84S (84mm x 13.5m) Standard Density B/W Image UPP-84S 10 Rolls
SM84HG (84mm x 12.5m) High Glossy B/W Image UPP-84HG 10 Rolls

*Specification as per OEM requirements *All brand names and OEM product names are for comparison purposes only and do not represent an endorsement from or approval by the owners.

Tele-Paper supplies good quality ultrasound paper where printed images are above all compatible grade papers.  We are an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified company. With our experienced team, we produce high quality medical imaging products using the best materials to ensure compatibility for use on all instruments. We are in compliance with highest international requirements to guarantee optimal standards. Contact us for a comprehensive range of medical recording paper for use in hospitals, and other health care facilities.

Advantages of Sonomed Ultrasound Paper

Sonomed and Premium Grade have same gradation.
Both matched grayscale characteristics give the best image quality.

Smooth head matching performance for continuous printing, no additional setting​ required for printer.

Sonomed (Up) VS Other Brand (Down)
Minimal curling for easy filing with excellent tearing properties for clean and neat tearing.

Sonomed’s range of video printer papers delivers smudge-free, high-quality image print out for prolonged storage stability, with High Glossy producing the crispiest resolution with attractive glossy finishing.

Sonomed Ultrasound Paper Certifications

Benefit to dealer or wholesaler

There are many advantages for wholesaler or dealer when purchasing directly from us.

  1. Opportunity to increase sales revenue and profit: Our in-house Sonomed brand ultrasound paper is well known globally. It is of premium grade paper with competitive pricing which gives you the opportunity to increase your revenue.
  2. Retain customer and build customer loyalty: Already have your own brand and packaging design? Why not? We can customize it to your needs to keep that personal connection to your brand. Your paper will have a unique identity and serve as a reminder to repurchase from you, because being different is what gets you noticed.
  3. Branding and enhance corporate image.

Benefit to clinic or hospital

We adhere to stringent quality standards which conform to various international standards, where quality is a key criterion particularly for the healthcare sector.

  1. Image durability: While the image may look fine when they come out of the printer, the true test is how they hold up over their expected life span. The image life of our Ultrasound paper can last up to 10 years under proper storage.
  2. Prolonging the life of your printer: Our paper is formulated to minimise jamming and damage to your printer.


To enquire about our ultrasound paper, click contact us.

We also offer a comprehensive range of medical recording paper for use in hospitals, and other health care facilities.

FAQ  About Ultrasound Paper

What is the difference between ultrasound paper, video printer paper and sonography paper?

There is no difference, only the terms are used interchangeably. Once an ultrasound image is captured via the ultrasound machine, a thermal printer is used to print out the images on the ultrasound thermal paper.

Do you sell video printer paper or sonography paper?

Yes, Sonography paper and Video Printer Paper are different terminologies of Ultrasound Paper. We are an ultrasound paper manufacturer and you may buy from us directly.

Do you ship ultrasound paper globally?

Yes, we have been selling our products globally in more than 130 countries with presence in United States, Argentina, Peru, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Kenya, South Africa, and more.

What type of paper is used for ultrasound printing?

Ultrasound paper is a thermal coated synthetic paper. It is a type of paper coated with a solid-state mixture of leuco dye, stabilizer and developer. A good quality ultrasound thermal paper is made of many layers to ensure high quality image printing. At Tele-Paper, we have come up with a formula for the best quality of thermal paper, perfect for ultrasound image printing.

How to choose ultrasound paper?

When choosing to buy ultrasound paper, one should always keep in mind its printing quality. Especially from a healthcare aspect, good quality medical records are essential for archival purposes to ensure the documents remain intact and legible during their useful life. The maintenance of good medical documents records the medical history of the patient for future references.

For every printing, there is a specific type of paper that will suit the job perfectly. Each type of paper conveys its own message. At Tele-Paper, we pride ourselves on giving you the best possible advice, support and services to meet your objectives efficiently and cost-effectively so that you get the best value for money!

Do you require high-density paper for a clearer, crispier image?
Or a high glossy paper for a polished finishing with rich and sharp printing?

Even though the image printed on the ultrasound paper is in greyscale, the shades play a critical role for diagnosis purposes. Subtle shades of the grey tones indicate varying densities of the materials that the sound passes through. Thus, the broader the range of grey tones, the better the display of an overall smooth image for an accurate analysis. On the contrary, a narrow range will display fewer shades of grey and appear as a higher contrast with a more black-and-white image.

When manufacturing ultrasound paper, we keep in mind the need for the image to be in high resolution. When it comes to healthcare, accuracy and quality are a must. There is no room for a compromise. On top of that, we understand just perfectly the tactile sensations that customers relates to quality – the hand-feel touch cue wherein seeing is reinforced by touch. Our ultrasound paper is smooth to the touch yet sturdy, giving you the premium feel and better image transfer to the paper.

We manufacture ultrasound paper with a coating to minimize quality degradation caused by environmental exposure. Our high glossy paper is also resistant to water, and smudge-free. It allows for storage for up to 10 years.

Aside from diagnostic application, we understand just how important the sonogram is as a memento to expecting parents! That very first sneak peek of your baby on an ultrasound machine, a closer look into your developing baby’s world, is the most memorable and intriguing moment of pregnancy. Our ultrasound paper has been carefully manufactured with archival quality materials to enable you to archive all your precious ultrasound pictures and all the little milestones in your baby’s journal book for you and your family to look back on for years to come.

Our Sonomed ultrasound paper is not just a strong contender to the best of brands, it is also compatible with Sony and Mitsubishi ultrasound thermal printers. Our paper is manufactured to make sure there is minimal curling when printed. It tears off with ease and precision at the ultrasound printer’s tear-off edge. Our clean and neat paper tearing feature ensures reliable printing by minimizing paper jam and damage to the printer.

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