Boarding Pass

Boarding Pass Paper Supplies

As air travel becomes increasingly accessible to more people, the humble but ever important boarding pass continues to be the primary ticketing medium; in spite of the advent of electronic methods used in this digital age. Available with or without top coat, our boarding pass thermal paper has extremely good image stability and durability, consistent with the demands of this type of application.


High quality thermal paper contain below characteristic:

  • Weight from 126 GSM to 175 GSM
  • Option of top coated or non-top coated thermal paper
  • Extreme stability and durability of the print image
  • High sensitivity paper
  • High image density with good barcode readability
  • Excellent offset and flexo printability
  • Resistant to plasticisers
  • Good die-cutting performance in production (low dust)
  • Good magnetic strip adhesion, very good print on and excellent to process
  • Suitable for high speed printers
  • Qualified and fit to use on major brands of boarding pass application such as Data South, Fujitsu Frontech and IER
  • Offer OEM approved paper


Boarding Pass

  • With wallet and magnetic strip
  • Without wallet but have magnetic strip
  • Without both wallet and magnetic strip
Features & Advantages
  • Up to 9 colours printing with semi glossy effect
  • Able to print sophisticated artwork with or without security features
  • Able to print security features such as water mark without affecting thermal layer
  • Running serial numbering inkjet print (upon end user requirement)
  • Advance die cut design to remove waste, dust & dirt from the tickets (avoid jam during operation)
  • Smooth & clean cut at the ticket sides and edges (smooth ticket movement inside parking machine)
  • Able to develop / modify new die cut (to cater end user’s OEM requirement)
  • Dust removal process during manufacturing to minimize dust accumulation on printhead & prolong printhead life span
  • Unlimited numbering and bar-coding capabilities
  • Full colour process, fluorescent, foils, holograms, thermals and magnetic stripes
  • Automated, semi automated
  • Option of top-coated or non top-coated thermal paper
  • Continuous wallet printed in thermal or woodfree paper