Barcode Ribbon

Barcode Ribbon

Barcode ribbon is not only to print barcodes through barcode printers but also for numbering, logo, words, symbols, etc. Nowadays, the barcode technology has been helping businesses to minimize data entry errors, speed up processes and reduce costs.

There are 2 types of barcode printer technology, categorized by print heads:

  1. Flat Head – perfect normal printing
  2. Near Edge – perfect printing results with high speed

Barcode printer brands in the markets:

  • Zebra, Sato, TEC, Argox, Clever (TSC), Printronix, Datamax, Eltron, Intermac, Protec, Citizen, etc.
  • Different barcode printer uses different barcode ribbon specifications (depends on application)
Wax Type

Wax barcode ribbon is commonly used for standard applications on a wide variety of label stocks. It is composed of high percentage of wax based materials with a low melting point that reduces print head energy requirements to extend print head lifespan.

Common applications:

  • General purpose labels
  • Shipping, warehousing and receiving labeling
  • Retail tags and label applications
  • Ticketing

Common substrates: Uncoated paper tag, coated paper tag and labels

Wax Resin Type

Wax resin barcode ribbon is composed of mixture of both wax and resinous materials that contribute to a higher melting point thus requiring more energy than wax ribbon. The exceptional print quality for complex label formats, rotated and 2D barcodes, logos and graphics.

Common applications:

  • Shipping, warehousing and receiving labeling
  • Bagging machines
  • Pharmaceutical labels
  • Frozen product labels

Common substrates:

  • Coated paper tag and label
  • Polyethylene (PE)
  • Polypropylene
Resin Type

Resin barcode ribbon is designed for harsh environment labeling applications. Its superior resistance to abrasion, steam, heat and a variety of chemicals include gasoline, alcohol, engine oil etc.

Common applications:

  • Textiles application
  • Chemical drum labeling
  • Medical and pharmaceutical labeling
  • Dry cleaning labels

Common substrates:

  • Polythylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP)
  • Polyester and vinyl