Customised Pre-Printed Paper Roll

Customised Pre-Printed Paper Roll

We are capable of offering pre-printing of up to 9 colours across a wide range of thermal, woodfree, artpaper, and carbonless paper rolls to suit your specific needs. Our thermal paper ranges from standard, long life, BPA free, FSC® certified, synthetic, top coated, high sensitivity, high image density and blue image grades are available with either a choice of coreless, paper or plastic core. Customised sizes and packing are also available upon request.




Home Furnishing-12

Home Furnishing

Toll Plaza-12

Toll Booth Plaza

Hand Held machine-12

Handheld Machines



Utility Bill-12

Utility Bills

Food & Beverage-12

Food & Beverage

Petrol Station-12

Petrol Stations

Hotel & Resort-12

Hotels & Resorts

Fashion Cosmetic-12

Fashion / Cosmetics