Video Printer Paper

Quality Ultrasound Paper for ultrasound video printer. Made from Japan origin materials, our video printer paper/ultrasound paper delivers excellent print resolutions and image durability.

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  • Standard (Type I), High Density (Type II), and High Glossy (Type V).
  • Available in widths 84mm, 110mm, 210mm
  • 5 rolls or 10 rolls per box
  • 100% Japan Paper Material
  • Minimal curling and excellent tearing properties
  • High resolution with optimum grayscale.
  • Good image durability up to 10 years under proper storage.
  • Compatible for use on Sony and Mitsubishi Ultrasound Printers*
  • CE certified and FDA registered in assuring customer of consistency in quality
  • Brand customization is available.

Tele-Paper supplies good quality video printer papers where printed images are compatible with the original grade papers.  We are an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified company. With our experienced team, we produce high-quality medical imaging products using the best materials to ensure compatibility for use on all instruments. We are in compliance with the highest international requirements to guarantee optimal standards. Contact us for a comprehensive range of medical recording paper for use in hospitals, and other health care facilities.

*All brand names and OEM product names are for comparison purposes only and do not represent an endorsement from or approval by the owners.

ISO 13485

CE Certification

Size & Packing

Sonomed® Code (Paper Size)Packing
SM110S (110mm x 20m) Standard Density B/W Image5/10 Rolls
SM110HD (110mm x 20m) High Density B/W Image5/10 Rolls
SM110HG (110mm x 18m) High Glossy B/W Image5/10 Rolls
SM210S (210mm x 25m) Standard Density B/W Image5 Rolls
SM210HD (210mm x 25m) High Density B/W Image5 Rolls
SM210HG (210mm x 25m) High Glossy B/W Image5 Rolls
SM84S (84mm x 13,5m) Standard Density B/W Image10 Rolls
SM84HG (84mm x 12.5m) High Glossy B/W Image10 Rolls

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