Environmental Charter Basic Policy

Environmental Charter Basic Policy

The Oji Group Environmental Charter requires the Oji Group to help create a truly enriched and sustainable society by developing business activities that harmonize with the environment from a global perspective. The Charter calls for the Oji Group to make autonomous efforts to achieve further environmental improvement, and aggressively drive its forest recycling, paper recycling, and global warming countermeasures forward.

Action Guidelines

  1. Promotion of Forest Recycling

We will promote green procurement of resources grown in sustainably managed forests. We will use the results of the broad research activities of our forest research, and achievement made to date in the silviculture and management of our company-owned forests in Japan, for the planned development of the overseas Tree Plantation Projects. We will work to secure wood raw materials, which result in global environmental conservation.

  1. Promotion of paper Recycling

We will seek to advance the utilization of recovered paper, making the most of the benefits of our comprehensive manufacturing or paper and paperboard. We will blend recovered paper in rations that are economical and suitable for intended uses, giving due consideration to the environment. In particular, as well as working on increasing the recovered paper usage in the paper area, we will work on the development of technologies for recycling types of used that are hard to recycle.

  1. Promotion of Global Warming Countermeasure

In the area of global warming countermeasure, we will strive to reduce carbon dioxide emmisions. As high priority issues toward that end, we will promote energy conservation and conversion to non-fossil fuels. We will also contribute to sequestration of carbon dioxide by proactivity pursuing the development and maintenance of forests.

  1. Reinforcement of Environmental Improvement Measures and Environmental

Management Systems

  1. Development of Production Technologies and products that Minimize

Environmental impact by using the accumulated results of the paper-related basic research area, we are working on the research and development of environmental friendly production technologies and new products with the aim of helping to create a recycling oriented society.

Also, we work to use environment-friendly materials, as well as ensure production safety based on our company’s “Product Safety Charter” when we purchase materials

  1. Reduction and Effective Utilization of Waste

We will reduce the amount of waste for final disposal by enhancing measures such as the reduction of waste generation from the production process and effective utilization of waste.

  1. Transfer of Environmental Protection Technology to Other Countries

In our international operations we are actively promoting international transfers of environmental technology, as well as observing environmental standard of the relevant countries

  1. Building Relationship of Trust with Stakeholders

We will carry out our active PR and educational activities inside and outside the company and engage in dialogue with stakeholders concerning our environmental management initiatives. All of our offices, both in and outside Japan, will work to protect the environment of local communities and contribute to their development.