Video Printer Paper

  • Available in 84mm, 110mm and 210mm
  • Available in 3 Grades, namely Standard (Type I), High Density (II) and High Density (Type III)
  • Compatible for use on Sony and Mitsubishi printers
  • Optimal grayscale and printout image close to original.
  • Good image durability – up to 10 years
  • Brand customization available upon request
  • Strong resistance to water, finger prints and ultrasound gel drops.
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Tele-Paper supplies good quality video printer papers where printed images are compatible to the original grade papers.  Telepaper is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified, our product meet the stringent standard procedure to ensure the product quality.    Tele-Paper’s video printer paper is CE certified and FDA registered assuring customer of consistency to quality in delivering of our product without compromise. Available in Standard, High Glossy and High Density versions to obtain the highest resolution images.


Size & Packing

Sonomed® Code (Paper Size) Packing
SM110S (110mm x 20m) Standard Density B/W Image 5/10 Rolls
SM110HD (110mm x 20m) High Density B/W Image 5/10 Rolls
SM110HG (110mm x 18m) High Glossy B/W Image 5/10 Rolls
SM210S (210mm x 25m) Standard Density B/W Image 5 Rolls
SM210HD (210mm x 25m) High Density B/W Image 5 Rolls
SM210HG (210mm x 25m) High Glossy B/W Image 5 Rolls
SM84S (84mm x 13,5m) Standard Density B/W Image 10 Rolls
SM84HG (84mm x 12.5m) High Glossy B/W Image 10 Rolls

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