Ultrasound Gel

  • Available in various paper thickness
  • Print out close to original copy
  • Standard Grade — High resolution with optimum grayscale
  • High density grade –- Dark and intense image printout
  • High glossy grade – Distinctive brand identity and protection against counterfeit products, scratch resistant and water resistant
  • Good image durability – up to 10 years
  • Brand customization available upon request
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Sky Gel has dual viscosity formulation which can be applied as a lubricant and scans as a fluid. Sky Gel unique water based formulation makes it friendly for use on all ultrasound devices. Scanned images are clear and sharp as the unique formulation maximizes the level of conductivity with least interference. Sky Gel promotes accurate diagnostic with sharp and vivid scans.
  • Manufactured with filtered water
  • Unique water based formula suitable for use across all ultrasound apparatus
  • Water soluble
  • Excellent lubrication and glide properties
  • Spread evenly without running or drying up
  • Greaseless, odourless and non-staining
  • Bacteriostatic (reduce risk of bacterial contamination)
  • Hypoallergenic (non-irritating to skin)
  • Salt and alcohol free
  • Highly acoustically conductive formulation
  • Scanned images are clear and sharp as the unique formulation maximises conductivity with least interference
  • Accurate diagnoses based on sharp and vivid scans
  • Dual viscosity formulation makes Sky Gel a lubricant as well as a scanning gel
  • Convenient and recyclable packaging
  • Dispenser pack comes with handle for easy handling and convenient twist cap
  • Rich moisturising formula (for customised gel with Aloe Vera only
  • 260g е/bottle (9.17oz), 24 bottles/carton
  • 5kg/kettle (176.5oz), 2 kettles/carton
  • OEM and customisation available


Size & Packing

  • Gel customisation available with extra Aloe Vera providing moisturising and healing effect to the skin
  • Varies scents providing calming effect to the applicants

For customisation, different selections are available:

Selection Advantages
  • Aloe Vera
Providing moisturising and healing effect to applicants
  • Lily Flower Hydro
  • Dome Prune Sakura Hydro
  • Crème Rose
  • Orange
Providing calming effect to the applicants
  • Blue (Standard Colour)
  • Green
  • Transparent
Easy recognition

*Combination of selection is available

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